1. Raymond Glen says:

    Absolutely love the new format of recorded broadcast. It brings the Word of God alive by hearing him speak though you Matt.
    Your messages of the Hope and Glory reach an audience far beyond your church walls.


  2. Oneil says:

    Matt, God really has used you to help me with a lot of issues especially when it relates to same sex issues. I am in Gabon, Africa I currently started sharing the gospel through watsap (audio blog) and I keep stressing about it. You have helped me so much through the past years in getting it right with God (I often sent you emails) and it took me many many years to finally find happiness in my broken sexuality as I started living a Christ centered lifestyle. It is like we are living similar lives and everytime the Lord speaks to me about something, the next day I find it in your blog. All those passages you read, I read them everyday in my audio blog when I preach. I keep preaching about it, deliverance from materialism and “feel good” “Legalistic Christianity. I started realizing that it is easier for people dealing with same sex issues to live true christianity because they have been conditionned to take up their cross early on in their lives. When they come to Christ they are already prepared for the difficult life that christianity teaches compared to those who fit the “rich man” category. The “Rich Man” category can represent on one hand weatlh, but it can also represent anything that people can be attached to. Someone who has dealt with a broken sexuality all his/her life has lived out many of the conditions that a disciple for Christ has to live. When that person comes to Christ it is easy for him/her to deal with sacrifice, rejection, isolation, persecution. When Jesus talks about Ennuchs, he says that they are Ennuchs that have chosen to become so for the Kingdom of God. Consequently, if nature has made you an Ennuch (Ennuch from the Womb) or the environment (Ennuch made by men), true Healing will come when you become a Ennuch for Christ. Basically it’s like two negatives that make a positive. Your condition is already setting you up to become a Ennuch for Christ simply because someone who was not born with a condition that makes him a Ennuch is called to become one for the Kingdom. The irony is that Abraham who waited for a child his whole life was then asked to give him up. When God asked Abraham to sacrifice Isaac he obeyed, he did not know that God would intervene to tell him no longer to do it. Sadly, the church today has lost its “central message”. For instance, in the early church, celibacy was praised compared to marriage because christians lived with an “End Times” mentality. More and More, I realize that celibacy brings less dilemma in serving Christ. You can easily pick up and go wherever the Lord calls you. Thus, explaining why same sex healing is less about the flesh (Why doesn’t God restore broken sexuality) but more about becoming an Ennuch for the Kingdom of God. Broken sexuality means that all your life you are often treated like an abonormality. Like you, I often said, that what is my purpose in life. I am not married, I do not have a lot of money etc, Yet I find myself richer than a lot of people, simply because my losses have made it easier for me to accept the price of christianity and eventually see the joys of sacrificing a lot for Christ. and Yes, Paul is my favorite one in the bible.


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