Reader Reviews

I have never in my life come across someone brave enough to stand in the gap between hot-topic issues that tend to divide more than unify quite like Moore. With the vulnerability of his own testimony, He shares a new insight into how we Christians are to respond to the Gospel and to each other. Moore’s writing is dynamic, poignant, and brings a welcome level of upset and discomfort into my comfortable Christianity. 

– Rebecca Pineda 
Dallas, Texas

In seeing how Matt has shared his struggle with anxiety, I have found myself asking God for ways that I can minister to those who carry the burden of anxiety as well as other stigmas that are not seen but are a true reality in the lives of Christians. Matt’s insight is very thorough and gets me asking the questions that I never knew I had.

– Cher Adams Smith
Houston, Texas

Matt Moore’s shocking transparency of the depth of sin in his own life and his exemplary articulation of the gospel and how it has not only transformed him but also continues to change him from the inside out is nothing less than a miracle! Praise God for men like him that are willingly open about facing their fears, insecurity, and brokenness.

– Shari
Mokena, IL

Matt’s blog and writings have helped me through some of my darkest hours. Breaking down the walls of isolation and honestly dealing with struggles common to other men have helped me know I’m not alone.

– Hunter Sherwood
Lexington, KY

Matt Moore is raw, honest and genuine. He handles scripture accurately and is not afraid to tackle challenging topics. I have appreciated his writings as I have navigated deeper biblical and cultural situations holding truth and grace in a proper balance. An invaluable resource!

– Lisa Reimer
Prince George BC Canada

Matt’s writing is refreshing in an age where people are too concerned with tickling ears. The way in which he shares truth, often from a stance of vulnerability, is both beautiful and deeply encouraging.

– Katie
Houston, Texas

About 8 years ago God was growing my heart and passion for His redepmtive work in those struggling with same sex attraction. At the time no one in Christian circles had any idea how to begin navigating that topic theologically or socially. I found Matt Moore’s blog and ecstatically read every article he published. God used his rich theology, deep empathy and stark honesty to help me piece together the extraordinary holiness and power of God. Matt challenges the Christian in their beliefs of who God is, how we can best approach hard topics and how to approach each other with grace. God has gifted Matt to be a voice for countless Christians as we traverse tragic and complex issues. Im so grateful for the tool his writing has been in the life of myself and the friends I have shared him with.

– Grace
Philadelphia, PA

As a preacher, Matt’s writings have helped me shape several lessons dealing not only with the various aspects homosexuality and same sex attraction , but also faith, repentance and the strength God gives to overcome. Insight is the key to any relatable lesson , and Matt’s writings have given me that on more than one occasion. 

– Keith
Birmingham, AL

I’ve been impressed with Matt’s Biblical knowledge and very accurate interpretation and discernment of scripture. It’s refreshing to read such honest and accurate writing. His thoughts and perspectives are grounded on truth rather than feelings and that is a huge thumbs up from me.

– Stephanie
Wichita, KS

Matt has helped this perfectionist understand the power and love God pours out for us when we are willing to admit our weaknesses instead of trying to hide them.

– Alice
New Hampshire

Matt’s raw honesty and open heart has shown me what it looks like to be a Christian on the inside. As someone who has shared similar struggles, his writings have shown me God is better than I ever imagined Him to be, and in the end, the narrow and painful path of sanctification is the most glorious of them all.

– Alina
Greenville, SC

I think more than anything else the thing that stands out in Matt’s writing is the gift of grace. Every piece I have ever read shines with the reminder of God’s grace for all of us no matter the circumstance, and that His mercy and compassion is available to everyone who chooses to turn from their sin and choose Jesus.

– Danielle Kelley
Jonesboro, AR